I'm James - Web developer, designer, writer, and a future nurse from Ohio.

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Theres not much to say about me, I'm just some guy that likes to create things. I've always had a passion for programming, and now I have an even bigger passion for patient care. I was born February 13th, 1999. Since then I've been riding this rollarcoaster of a life all the way to where I am now.

I'm one of Jehovahs Witnesses and I spend a lot of my time going door to door talking to neighbours about god and his son. Oh, I love to read books, I love listening to indie music and I love to just explore different areas and different things. Manga and Poetry are my favorite book genres by the way! I love photography as well and taking beautiful looking pictures.

I also run a small web development studio called Sitelyft Studios, LLC. I also go by Jaye Aesthetic. Well yeah, thats just a few things. Scroll down more and get to know me a little bit better...


I'm talented in some ways:

Web Development

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • Laravel Framework
  • Codeigniter Framework
  • WebSockets
  • LAMP Stacks
  • LEMP Stacks

Patient Care

  • Nurse Assisting
  • BLS Certified
  • Compassion
  • Critical Care
  • EKG Trained
  • Foley Discontinuation
  • Medical Records
  • Charting
  • Organizing
  • Team Player
  • Medical Terminology

Creativity & Hobbies

  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Web Designing
  • Social Media
  • Sketching
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Adventuring
  • Traveling
  • Studying
  • Ministry Work

I cant wait to learn more things


These are the latest Web Development projects im working on:


A community where aspiring poets can find their voice
PHP, JS, HTML, Laravel


Share your thoughts and fears anonymously
PHP, JS, HTML, Laravel

Jaye Aesthetic

A place where my voice can be heard
PHP, JS, HTML, WordPress

Larry A Lesley

A portfolio website created for a special client
PHP, JS, HTML, Laravel

Sitelyft Studios, LLC

My web development agency based in Ohio
PHP, JS, HTML, Laravel

Jarvis Invoicing (Coming Soon)

A unique invoicing platform for small businesses!
PHP, JS, HTML, Laravel


This is the reason why I'm so smart now:


I've been homeschooled all of my life. Here I spent all of my high school years and was provided the oppurtunity to go to college during my 12th year.
Graduated: 2017

Lorain County Community College

Currently I'm pursuing my associates degree in nursing. I plan on entering the nursing program here once all of my prerequisites are completed.
Graduaiton: 2022

Cleveland State University

Currently pursuing my second degree in Psychology. I chose this major because I'm very fond of the brain and how it operates!
Graduaiton: 2022

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