Hi, I'm James - Web developer, designer, writer, with a passion for writing code and serving the community

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My Mission

Create beautiful apps and websites that will change the world for the better. Give my customers a great experience and deliver amazing products to them. Also serve the community in any capacity I can, specifically as an EMT. I have a passion for helping others who are less fortunate than me.


  • Full-stack Web Dev

  • Software Dev

  • Applications Dev

  • Linux/UNIX Admin

  • Database Design

  • Frameworks

  • UI/UX Design

  • Analytics & Data

  • Strategic Planning

  • IT Support


Junior Wordpress Developer

American Marketing Association

Working under the Senior Architect, I create custom WordPress websites, and Custom themes/plugins.

October 2022 to Present

Contract Web Developer

Iler Networking & Computing

Creating amazing websites for clients who require WordPress websites or custom solutions

September 2020 to present

IT Technical Support

Lorain County Community College

Worked as IT Technical Support for our eLearning division. Worked to help students troubleshoot common computer errors

January 2017 to January 2018

Senior Web Developer/Owner

Sitelyft Studios, LLC

Created Websites for customers. Provided superior care and quality to my customers and ensured they received amazing products

March 2017 to Present

Contract Web Developer


Worked with customers on their needs when it came to websites and applications. Provided amazing customer service and ensured quality in all my deliverables.

August 2014 to Present


Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow

High School Diploma

Graduated: 2017

Cuyahoga Community College

Associates of Arts

Graduated: Jan 2021

Lorain County Community College

Software Development


Graduated: Dec 2022

Lorain County Community College

Software Development

Associates of Applied Business

Graduating: Fall 2023


Google IT Support


Graduated: August 2022



I've been able to create small applications using Python

1 year experience


This is the first language I learned. I've created many large-scale websites using PHP

5 years experience


I've used this extensively to create skeletons of websites

5 years experience


I've created many web apps using JavaScript that were fun and interactive

5 years experience


I have a love for MYSQL databases and I have expansive experience creating databases and managing then

5 years experience


I've used CSS to create beautiful looking websites that people love using and looking at

5 years experience


As a part of my curriculum I am currently learning C# and using it to build projects now.

6 months experience


Blair Ritchey

A popular fashion designer based in Lakewood, Ohio

Shopify, CSS, HTML5, JS

Larry A Lesley

A portfolio website created for a special client

PHP, HTML5, CSS, JS, Laravel

Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre is a new and upcoming clothing brand based in Ohiot

Shopify, HTML5, CSS, JS

Latten Technologies, LLC

My upcoming technology firm that will be the forefront of two smaller businesses

Django, Python, HTML5, CSS, JS, AWS EC

Latten Creative, LLC

My creative design studio based in Ohio

React.js, HTML5, CSS, JS

Personal Website

This is my personal website where I showcase my talents and skills

Django, Python, HTML5, CSS, JS, AWS EC

Personal Blog

This is my personal blog where I showcase my ideas and thoughts

Django, Python, HTML5, CSS, JS, AWS EC


A community where aspiring poets can find their voice

PHP, JS, HTML5, CSS, Laravel, Bootstrap

Jaye Aesthetic

A place where my poetry can be heard and shared with the world

Python, Flask, JS, HTML5, CSS, React

Sitelyft Studios, LLC

My web development agency thats based virtually in Ohio

PHP, JS, HTML, Laravel

So, are you ready to work on something great?